Just over the weekend, I received the most heart breaking mail of 2021

I was contacted by Tom Ball, Senior Editor from Fleas On The Dog Online Publishing Company, Canada and he gave me the news of the century. Ah!

Okay, let’s calm down a bit.

If you know a little about me and haven’t heard the few things already out there, I write. And it so happens that two of my poems Abandoned and Blinded got published on one of the most amazing platforms ever.

I Know you’d like a peek so here you go. Melekwe Anthony on Fleas On The Dog

This was what Poetry Editor Hezekiah had to say about moi

Melekwe Anthony is more than a
malenky bit choodessny and a freely associating sprit…Nadsat. ‘He hails from Lagos, Nigeria
and believes in telling people’s stories with their own eyes.’ Keep your eyeball peeled anyway
you can: Google (in the non-pejorative) his govoreets”

Let me also add that I have never been described with so many big words before, It was really exciting (Laughs).

Anyway, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet or clicked the link above, here’s FOTD review of the twin published poems

“Thump! Thump!” “…the darkness that
probes me.” “…as stables of raindrops run their lanes…” “a man can only hide when there is
space.” Anthony is an “ever calling friend, if only you kept him longer.” It’s all too beautiful…

These poems are so dear to me. They were crafted in mid-2020 and You can’t imagine what inspired them. These are actually my 6th and 7th poems getting published since I suddenly dove into poetry.

Thank you so much FOTD, Tom Ball and Hezekiah Scretch. You guys are wonderful. I love Canada!


Okay! It’s been long since you last heard from me… but I’m back!

Logo for Dcodein, India

Yesterday 12th February, I was announced the newest editor for a well known electronic code training company based in India.

DCodein is an E-learning platform which aims at providing the best coding knowledge to its dcoders. The company was created with an aim of teach and helping aspiring coders to develop their soft skills to a greater extent.

You can click here to find out more about Dcodein

I would be joining four other editors from across the globe to create, edit and publish some of the best code training videos ever.

I am so excited. I can’t wait! I can’t wait for something else too – Valentine’s Day.


Let me begin by saying a very big thank you to Poets Reading The News for an exciting jaw-dropping experience yesterday. It was amazing.

On January 20th, I was given a rare privilege to be invited to the Catharsis Poetry Reading organized by Poets Reading The News hosted live on Zoom. It was lovely to have poets from across the globe meeting to experience poems of cleansing.

The United States as well as the rest of the world just began a new era signified by the inauguration of the new president. It is important that we take this time to let go of the past and learn from the mistake, the protests and failures of 2020.

For those of you who do not know, Poets Reading the News is a non-profit organization bridging poetry and current events since 2016. It’s events are legendary and I am honoured to have participated in Saturday, January 23rd.


Today, I am proud to announce the anticipated opening of The Anthony Reviews on 3rd March, 2021.

The Anthony Reviews is an online magazine which publishes all forms of literary reviews. Be it Short story, Poetry, Books or More, we publish all. For the first month of our opening, we will publish weekly in poetry and fiction then we would publish quarterly throughout the year.

We will bring you reviews from some of the most experienced authors and editors you’ve heard of. We have worked on these project for two months and we know you will enjoy it.

Special thanks to Thomas Baker, Jerry Hemings and Tochukwu Micheal for your wonderful insights.

#Theanthonyreviews #3rdMarch


With over 16 books in her name and numerous coaching franchises under her wing, Jackie Beere storms WeVoi International in a Public Speaking Workshop this Sunday

Jackie Beere became an Advanced Skills Teacher in 1999 she is a qualified Master Neurolinguistic Programmer, an AST and Excellent Teacher accredited assessor and was an Associate Tutor for the University of Leicester for the MBA course. She is full of wisdom, you can’t imagine

WeVoi is an online public speaking establishment that helps young people speak their minds and make a change through their voices. This is the first workshop event of the UK based organization in 2021 and we can’t wait.

Join in this Sunday by 2pm Uk time via Zoom and let’s make this happen. Meeting ID 894 3142 0558

#Melekweanthony #WeVoi2021


The day is finally here when we exchange gifts, smiles, hugs and most importantly, company.

You can probably hear the jingle bells and see the fireworks not far away. You guessed right. Today is Christmas Day!

It is so that on this special day, I urge you strongly to put aside your sad stories, disappointments and frustrations to enjoy this lovely once in a year celebration. A smile could change a life.

I love you all and I wish you so much laughter today and the rest of the year.

From your good friend, Melekwe Anthony

#Celebrating #Merrychristmas #Melekweanthony


After weeks of study and examination, it brings me great pleasure to announce the latest review of Dracula’s Child by J.S Barnes.

If you didn’t know, Dracula’s Child is a sequel of the original Dracula by Bram Stoker. The story begins years after the defeat of the Vampire Lord, at the beginning of the 20th century and the birth of young Quincey Harker.

I should state that the author of this book is thorough. My analysis of the book is in itself all you should expect while reading the 2020 novel.

Are you ready? Follow the link labeled Dracula to access this review.

I hope it helps you understand the story better.

#Melekweanthony #Theanthonyreviews

The Unwanted Guest: New Book

During the Covid-19 pandemic and the 4 month lockdown here in Nigeria, I wrote my first book.

I’m so excited because It wasn’t easy. I remember having writers’ block through out a whole day and I felt like giving up. But thanks to myself and my hosts at the time, I didn’t. Thank you so much to my relatives in Enugu, Nigeria.

The Unwanted Guest is a very exciting book and I hope you all can get the wonderful opportunity to read it.

You can access it on and please do not forget to leave a review after reading.

#Melekweanthony #Jointhefun

Getting Happy Instantly

In a time like this when the world has seen increase in unemployment, homelessness and deaths daily, It is very very important that we try to stay happy.

The world is changing and I fear we would never see medical and financial precautions as we used to. Staying happy is all we can. Like it or not, the world would go on.

So two days ago, I wrote another ‘how to’ article on how to get happy instantly with three simple steps.

Are you ready? Click on Happiness and you can find out these three simple steps.

#Melekweanthony #Happiness2021


It is so sad how many people are suffering from this today. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the stressful lockdowns, it becomes quite unfortunate how many people got stuck at home with people who abuse them emotional.

So today, I wrote an article. I did alot of research on this; signs of emotional abuse, ways to escape it and why people abuse others emotionally.

Every medical journal I read, every interview with psychologists all emphasize one thing. You might not be able to prove you are being abused emotionally and it could lead to suicide when you can’t escape from it fast enough. So sad.

To check out this article, click here

#Melekweanthony #Characterassassination #New2021

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